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   "The main benefits of ProTraC are improved, measurable cross-sales with every client interaction. Plus we are collecting missing customer data and making the most from every conversation. We like how ProTraC puts the missing information right in front of our faces.“

Frank Keaney, Amity Insurance Agency, North Quincy, MA

 “As we all know, capturing insured contact data and maintaining complete and accurate contact data is essential to the success of any marketing program and to the success of any business today. ProTrac is the perfect tool to assist CSR’s and principals in updating their contact database in AMS360 with missing information. Furthermore, the tool searches insured’s policy information to find missing lines of business to assist the CSR in account rounding. And while this is all great news, the ProTrac team includes scripts to assist CSR’s in speaking with insureds. Finally, add a robust reporting system to track how well information is being gathered you have a winning combination. We’ve partnered with ATrac to bring this excellent tool to our AMS360 members. Oh, by the way – we use it too.”

– Bob Schackner, SVP of Operations, Renaissance Alliance Insurance Services

  "It is rare to see an application whose value is immediately obvious and whose use is completely intuitive.  The folks at ATRAC have produced just such an application with ProTrac.  The return on investment of this product should be off the charts, and in my book it earns that most prized of labels - a "no brainer."

– Ron Hocutt, agency principal, former Vertafore Director of Inside Sales

 ProTraC is a great product.  I was searching for a way to update our management system with missing information and opportunities for sales and ProtraC is providing that method for the agency.  Not only do the developers understand agency operations and willing to listen, but I am definitely receiving a positive return on my investment. Thank you, ProTraC.”

–  Jim Elrod, Operations Manager, Little & Smith, Inc

  ProTraC is the best aid you can give the agency CSRs for maintaining the database.  By bringing the info they need right to the front and giving them a means to enter the missing info right into the customers’ screens – without having to open things up.  Once and done entry and the database keeps getting stronger for email campaigns or for one-on-one contacts.  The way it reviews the policy list is excellent since the CSRs’ work is done.  They just look at the prompt right on their screen and they can help their clients with LOBs they may need and are missing.   It can only get better from here.”

–  Kip Nowlin, agency automation trainer, principal Kip Nowlin Consulting




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