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Introducing ProTRAC Version 2.0

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Download Version 2.3     


Version 2.3

ProTraC Version 2 requires administrative setup.  Only download this version if your administrator has already updated the Web Services settings and added each Short Username. 

Before Downloading, you may learn more about the advances offered in ProTraC 2.0 by clicking Tab #2 above.

When you're ready to go, click the button (above) to download Version 2.3

ProTraC User’s Manual  -  Version release 2.3 (October 2013) - Click to download PDF   

ProTraC Administrator’s Manual  -  Version release 2.3 (October 2013) - Click to download PDF




Announcing ProTraC Version 2 – benefits to upgrading:

ProTraC version 2 is ready for installation at your agency.  This version of ProTraC requires AMS 360 v7.0.   If you are on any other version please continue to use ProTraC v1.6 until you upgrade AMS 360.  

If you are on AMS 360 v7.0, we would like to schedule a time to upgrade ProTraC to 2.0.  We are now scheduling upgrade appointments.   Let’s find time for a 30 to 60 minute call for installation and new feature updates.

Version 2 Benefits

The new interface is changed slightly but is self-explanatory and ought to require no additional  training.


ProTraC V2 creates Suspenses and Activities in AMS360.

  • Suspenses are created upon entering Cross-Sales opportunities the Suspense is created in 360.  You are prompted to edit the Suspense.  
  • Activities are created when data is requested and supplied or declined.  Also when Cross-Sales offers are declined.

Here are ProTraC V2’s enhancements:

  • Navigation:
    • Tabbed browsing
    • Recent search history
    • Improved “home” and “Collapse functions optimized for dual-monitors
    • Improved drag and drop when minimized
  • New Rules – Data Collection:
    • Update cell phone
    • Salutations – formal & informal
  • New Rules – Cross-Sell:
    • E&O
    • EDP
    • EPLI
    • Workers Comp
    • Improved logic for precise identification of opportunities
  • 360 Integration – Suspense & Activity creation
    • Cross-Sell Opportunities create AMS 360 Suspenses
    • Cross-Sell declines create AMS 360 Activities
  • Edit Rules
    • Select the rules you want
    • Edit wording of rules tabs and scripts
  • Reports
    • New reports formatted for instant printing
    • Charts and graphs auto-refresh in pivot tables

Version 2 Requirements
Vertafore’s Web Services has been updated for AMS 360 v7.0.  Since ProTrac V2 uses some of these new features, it is necessary to perform the follow steps.  We will be glad to assist you with these:

  1. Edit the ProTraC Web Service API Authorization by changing the “Data Security Based ON” to “Entity Access Security Only” and select the CHECK ALL box. Update and save the settings
  2. AMS360’s Activity/Suspense Setup needs to be checked to verify that the Customer action is ‘Active’
  3. Each ProTraC user will require that AMS360 Short Username.  This can be added using the  ProTraC V2 Admin > User Manager table.  Click ‘update’ to add this field.

We look forward to helping you to get ProTraC installed and implemented at your agency.  Let’s set aside a half hour at your earliest convenience. Following installation and set-up, we can provide administrator training.  You and any other administrators at your agency are welcome to participate.

Thank you for selecting ProTraC!


Download ProTRAC   Version 1.6

Tips: If you are upgrading ProTraC, then delete previous files. If you installed with Wizard, then go to Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features to uninstall program. ProTraC-supported customers may download and install the latest version here.  If you are not yet a customer, call today to learn more and schedule your installation: 855-438-2872 x701

  1. Click on the link bar above to download
  2. Zipped ProTraC folder will download
  3. Open zipped folder in download location
  4. Open unpacked folder
  5. Extract all files
  6. Click on "PTCInstall" (windows installer package)
  7. Installation Wizard will check your PC. If your machine does not have Microsoft .Net 4.0, then the Wizard will install that first. Follow steps and click when necessary to authorize that installation from*
  8. After .Net is installed then click on “PTCInstall” (windows Installer Package) again.
  9. ProTraC will be installed and icons will be placed on your desktop and on your Start Menu.


* Microsoft .Net 4.0 can also be downloaded from:

ProTraC Users Manual - Version release (January 2013) - Click to download PDF

ProTraC Administrator’s Manual - Version release 1.5 (January 2013) - Click to download PDF

Click here for ProTrac Download

Your feedback helps ProTraC improve - and will help your fellow agents as well.  Please take a few minutes to let us know how you like our beta version.  Thank you!
































































ProTraC is a custom application currently in production for an agency client on AMS 360.  ATraC Services will contact you regarding availability at your agency.  Installation dates now being scheduled for June.

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