ProTRAC - Version 2.3 - What's New?

ProTraC is now improved in the all new Version 2.3. Here is a brief list of enhancements:

Based on agencies’ requests, ProTraC’ s search is more powerful with:

  • Search by Phone Number
  • Search last name, first name to narrow down your results
  • Search Wild card terms (, +*)
  • Multi-select supports search by ‘Active’ or ‘Inactive’ or both

Because Flood can be valuable way to round your PL and CL accounts, it now appears as a cross-sell suggestion whenever no Flood policy is in place.

To help you manage your screen’s real estate, ProTraC has a new “Full Minimize” button

The Recent search “bread crumbs” now take you directly to the selected record instead of repeating the search results.

Upgrading to ProTraC V2.3

There is no charge for users of ProTraC to upgrade to V2.3 and no configuraton changes are required. Just download the Installation Wizard from our Help & Support page.

If you are updating from an earlier release of the V2.3, then you may need to uninstall your current manually. Just click your Windows Start button. Then open your Control Panel to Programs and Features, select ProTraC from the list of programs and click Uninstall.

As always, you may conact your ProTraC team at 855-Get-ATraC (855-438-2872) extension 2.